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Y Life Science Podcast

This podcast highlights research and science projects happening in the College of Life Sciences at Brigham Young University. We will also cover life science and conservation efforts happening in the community.


  • Episode 1, part 1 - Pandemic: How we got here with Chantel Sloan and Duke Rogers
  • Episode 1, part 2 - Pandemic: What's next with Chantel Sloan and Duke Rogers
  • Episode 2 - Museum Science Education with Brittany Nuttall and Marta Adair
  • Episode 3 - Desert Ecology with Tara Bishop and Sam St. Clair
  • Episode 4 - Lichens with Larry St. Clair and Steve Leavitt


  • Episode 5: Reconciling science and religion with Jamie Jensen and Seth Bybee
  • Episode 6: Nematodes in the Antarctica with Jinna Brim and Byron Adams