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Tanner Lecture with Marcus Smith

Thursday, September 28
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
2102 Life Science Building

“Constant Wonder, Awe-Awakening, & Life Science”

Isness and Howness beg the question of Whyness. The latter of the three is the “well-spring question,” always attended by awe and wonder. What is the powerful dynamic of deep wonder and sacred awe? How do these illuminate the aspirations and duties of a life scientist? Marcus Smith, host of BYUradio’s Constant Wonder podcast, encourages a mode of study, thought, action, and feeling that puts the strongest check on our all-too human inclination to normalize creation. With a master’s in German literature, Marcus has worked as a writer, editor, teacher, radio talent, and a composer of sacred music. He adores cute kids, fine poetry, avocets, pikas, Mirabilis multiflora stumbled upon in the wild, and chocolatey truffles.

Join us for this exciting lecture at 7 PM with a reception from 8-9 PM to follow!

Contact Information
Education Department
(801) 422-6998