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Organism of the Week

Each week we will answer your questions about the organism of the week in a video and you will have a chance to submit a photo or drawing of that plant or animal. You can also visit the Bean Museum during the week and get a bio-card of that specific organism. Collect them all!

The following show the organism of the week for winter 2021.

Organism Questions Open Video Posted
Snakehead Jan 12 Jan 18
Giant Sequoia Jan 19 Jan 25
Western Meadowlark Jan 26 Feb 1
Walrus Feb 2 Feb 8
Dwarf Seahorse Feb 9 Feb 15
Loggerhead Shrike Feb 16 Feb 22
Asian Elephant Feb 23 Mar 1
Northern Goshawk Mar 2 Mar 8
Pronghorn Mar 9 Mar 15
American Kestrel Mar 16 Mar 22
Blue Whale Mar 23 Mar 29
Whooping Crane Mar 30 Apr 5
American Badger Apr 6 Apr 12
Harpy Eagle Apr 13 Apr 19