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Hopping on the Bus

Getting to the Bean Museum Via UVX

Joey heads up the stairs.

The Utah Valley Express (UVX) bus line opened in Provo and Orem in early 2019, and it is still free for all riders. This fast, efficient bus route can get you close to all the major stops in Orem and Provo. With a UVX stop 3/10 of a mile away from the Monte L. Bean Museum, it has never been easier to come to visit! Here are some simple steps to help you use the UVX buses.

1. Find your closest UVX bus stop: With 18 stops from southwest Orem to South Provo they are never too far away. Some UVX bus stops provide parking close by but others do not. Here is a general map for the bus route.
UVX Stops In Provo and Orem
Photo by UTA

2. Know which direction you need to go to get here: The closest stop to the museum is the BYU North Campus Station, which is next to the Missionary Training Center. If coming from Orem, you will need to take a bus heading towards the Provo Central Station. If coming from downtown Provo, you will need to take the bus heading toward Orem Central Station. There are maps found at every bus stop to help make sure you get on the right bus.

3. Hop on the bus: Buses come every 6-15 minutes depending on the time of day.

4. Enjoy the ride: Make sure you jump off the bus at the BYU North Campus station. This is the stop nearest to the Missionary Training Center.

5. Start your short walk to the museum: The museum is almost directly south of the bus stop. Follow the sidewalk along the big parking lot towards the BYU Broadcasting Building which has the satellite dishes on the roof.

6. Go up the stairs on the east side of the Broadcasting Building. The side closer to the mountains. Once you have made the climb, continue straight to the entrance of the museum. (Need to skip the stairs? Continue east between the BYU Broadcasting building and the Marriott Center to the right of the Basketball building You can head up the ramp which will put you on the south side of the Bean Museum.)

7. Begin your adventure here at the museum!
Joey inside the Bean Museum

8. Make your return journey: When you are ready to return home, return to the bus station across the street from where you got off, and take the bus to your original bus stop.