Diptera Bioblitz: Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park would like to invite you to the 2012 BioBlitz,
which will focus on Diptera (flies). The BioBlitz will be held June 19-21,
2012. We are excited to have Dr. Riley Nelson from Brigham Young University
be our lead Diptera expert for the event.

Why You Should Come

First off, Great Basin National Park is a beautiful
place, and in late June is filled with wildflowers, singing birds, and an
abundance of wildlife. The creeks and springs are running high, making this
destination in the Great Basin Desert greener than ever.

Second, Diptera have received very little attention in Great Basin National
Park. They have been surveyed during cave bioinventories and to a limited
extent (to family and in a couple campgrounds) by Glen Forister and Matt
Forister during a previous BioBlitz. The cave bioinventories have found six
new Diptera species: Camptochaeta prolixa Vilkamaa, Aenigmatias bakerae
Disney, Megaselia excuniculus Disney, M. krejcae Disney, M. folliculorum
Disney, and M. necpleuralis Disney. The potential for additional new
species to science is high!

Third, this is an excellent networking opportunity with other entomologists
and enthusiastic amateurs. You may be able to find someone to help with
your next project. In addition, if there's something of particular interest
you'd like to collect, you may be able to get a separate research permit
and do some collecting of your taxa of interest at the same time.


BioBlitz participants receive free camping at Grey Cliffs
campground. The free camping will start one day before and extend to one
day after the BioBlitz, June 18-22. The Grey Cliffs campground has some
group sites, so that makes it extra fun for breakfast discussions or
late-night comparisons. RVs and trailers are allowed, but no hook-ups are
available in the Park. If you don't want to camp, there are 3 RV parks in
Baker and 6 motel/bed & breakfast options. There are also 2 convenience
stores and 4 restaurants. More info about all of these places is available
at: http://www.greatbasinpark.com/. We are also looking for a few people
who would be willing to venture into the backcountry to sample the more
remote parts of the park. Backcountry camping is free and extremely scenic.

Average temperatures in June at the Lehman Caves Visitor Center (6800 ft)
are a high of 76 F and a low of 48 F. Grey Cliffs Campground is at 7200 ft,
so might be a couple of degrees cooler. A chance of rain is possible any
day in June (and snow at the higher elevations). For more climate info,
see: http://www.nps.gov/grba/planyourvisit/weather.htm#CP_JUMP_26562

Baker Hall will once again be our headquarters for the BioBlitz. It's a
small gym located in Baker. Look for the pink building (it's the only one)
and the signs. We will start and end the BioBlitz at Baker Hall, and it
will also be the central repository for specimens. We'll use it to do
sorting and preliminary identifications. Please bring whatever you like to
use to collect Diptera. We will try to have some loaner gear available.


We are working on the schedule now. The basic schedule is:
June 19: Morning Diptera Workshop. Noon--48-hour collecting period begins.
Throughout afternoon and evening: various educational programs.
June 20: Diptera BioBlitz collecting continues. Various educational
programs, sorting and preliminary identification throughout the day.
June 21: BioBlitz collecting ends at noon. Reconvene at Baker Hall for
lunch, preliminary results, and raffle prizes (it's a free raffle for
BioBlitz participants, so be sure to be there!)


If you think you'll be able to attend, please let me know by email
or phone so I'll be able to keep you up-to-date as we get closer to the
Bioblitz. If you are a professional Dipterist, please also contact Dr.
Riley Nelson so he can discuss BioBlitz tactics with you. His contact info is:

Dr. C. Riley Nelson
Professor of Biology and
Alcuin Teaching Fellow
Department of Biology, 2119 LSB
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84602 USA
telephone: 801-422-1345
fax: 801-422-0090
email: rileynelson@byu.edu

more information at:

This is the fourth BioBlitz that Great Basin National Park is sponsoring,
and the other three were successful scientific and educational endeavors.
You can read more about the most recent BioBlitz in the park's resource
management newsletter, The Midden:

Also, be sure to invite friends and colleagues--we want to make this a
great BioBlitz!
Diptera (flies)