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Past Lectures

David Wagner, University of Connecticut, March 2017

Sean Carroll, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, October 2016

Ingo Schlupp, University of Oklahoma, March 2016

Eric Rickart, Utah Museum of Natural History, University of Utah, November 2015

Steve Amstrup, Polar Bears International and adjunct professor at the University of Wyoming, Laramie, March 2015

Nalini Nadkarni, Director for Science and Mathematics, Education Professor, Department of Biology, University of Utah, November 2014

Harry W. Greene, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University, March 2014

Bruce G. Baldwin, W. L. Jepson Professor and Curator, Jepson Herbarium and Integrative Biology, March 2013

Craig Mortiz, Professor of Molecular Evolution at UC Berkeley, March 2012

Mark Belk, Professor of Biology at Brigham Young University, Editor of Western North American Naturalist, November 2011

Jon Gelhaus, from The Academy of Natural Sciences and The Mongolian Aquatic Insect Survey, March 2011

Shawn Clark, Associate Research Professor and Collection Manager of Entomology, Brigham Young University, November 2010

Leigh Johnson, Professor of Botany and Herbarium Collection Curator, Brigham Young University, November 2010

Anne Yoder, Professor of Mammalian Evolution, Director of Duke University's Lemur Center, March 2010

Ian Baldwin, Professor of Molecular Ecology, Max Planck Institute of Jena, Germany, March 2009

Jeffrey Powell and Adalgisa Caccone, Professors of Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, March 2008

Bill Newmark, Curator and Conservation Biologist in the Utah Museum of Natural History, November 2007

Pamela Soltis, Professor of Botany, Curator of Molecular Systematics & Evolutionary Genetics, Florida Museum of Natural History, March 2007
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