For Teachers

Employee showing a snake

  • VIDEOS: There are a number of videos of different programs from the museum including Exhibit, Program, and Discovery Reading videos all on our Videos page.
  • BIOBOXES: The BioBox is a collection of different specimens that can be used in different activities that have been created following the Utah State Core. Learn more about checking out one of these BioBoxes on this page.
  • Coming Soon! IDENTIFY ME: The Identify Me website gives you the chance to classify different animals based on what they look like.
  • NATURE EXPERIENCESHIP: Take a guided field trip with a BYU professor about various topics. Learn more about these programs here. These programs do have a small fee for transportation. 
  • LIVE ANIMAL SHOWS: We still do live animal shows in the following forms:
    • Webcast shows are done using Skype¬© were you can have a live animal show in the comfort in of your classroom for free. Visit our scheduling page for more details.
    • Outreach programs are great in classrooms. We bring the show to you so that you can touch and see the animals up close. There is a small fee with these outreach shows to cover the cost of transportation and handling the animals. Go to our scheduling page for more information on an outreach program.
    • In-house shows are done by request 15 minutes after the hour every hour from 10:15 to 5:15. Please visit our scheduling page for more information and to request an in-house show.
    • Field trips do not need to be scheduled in order to visit the museum. If you wish to see a live animal show during your visit, you will need to submit a request for this. Please visit our scheduling page for more information and to submit your request.
  • TEACHER'S GUIDE: The Teacher's Guide is a flyer that has all of the information on the different educational functions the Bean Museum is doing in the coming year. A PDF can be found here.