Mission Statement


The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at Brigham Young University is a dynamic repository and trustee for a remarkable group of biological collections.  These collections are used to celebrate the role of Jesus Christ as Creator, while enhancing student learning and mentoring and promoting faculty teaching and research.  They also serve as a unique venue for inviting the public and scientific community to explore and contemplate intricate biological relationships and processes.


Monte L. Bean Museum


We accomplish our mission by:

  • Properly collecting and maintaining biological specimens and associated data to effectively support current and future research and teaching efforts.
  • Providing cutting edge database options to support world class research on the biodiversity and ecological complexities of the earth’s ecosystems.
  • Producing and sharing quality research products in order to increase scientific knowledge and understanding.
  • Facilitating an ongoing dialogue about issues and concerns related to faith and science as different but complementary ways of knowing.
  • Providing a forum for educating our students and the general public about best earth stewardship practices.
  • Promoting and facilitating quality learning and mentoring experiences for our students.
  • Effectively engaging the public through compelling exhibits and innovative educational programming in order to promote understanding and appreciation for the diversity and complexity of the Earth’s biological heritage.
  • Using the Museum’s resources to develop and implement K-12 science education programs based on the Utah State Core Curriculum in order to enhance the education of our local public school children while providing powerful, “hands-on” training experiences for pre-service primary and secondary teachers in the McKay School of Education.

Our Vision Statement:
As one of the leading university-based life science museums in the United States, we are central to our community and fully committed to promoting understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the earth.


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