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2024 Winter Birding Report

Snow Geese in Delta, UT

On February 17th the Bean Museum hosted its birding Nature Experienceship with Utah birding expert Merrill Webb. The group traveled to the Gunnison Bend Reservoir in Delta, Utah to see the snow goose migration. There was also a stop at Oxbow Lake for waterfowl viewing. 

Here is the full list of birds spotted:
Western meadowlark
Sandhill crane
Green-winged teal
Northern pintail
Canada goose
House sparrow
Snow goose
Ross’s goose
Trumpeter swan
American wigeon
Common goldeneye
Common merganser
Ruddy duck
Clark’s grebe
Ring-billed gull
California gull
Northern harrier
Northern flicker 
House finches
American goldfinch
Dark-eyed junco
Ferruginous hawk
Red-tailed hawk
American kestrel
Bald eagle