2019 Photo Show Winners

Cliffside View

Quiet Grandeur

Mutual Feelings

Winter Wonderland

Unnerving Allowance

Who Disturbs My Burrow?

Barn Owl

Sunset Power Dive

Lupine Sunset

Path Beyond the Shadows

Golden Light

Praying Mantis at Sunset

Talysh Insect

Lady Bird

American Kestrel



Sandstone Curves

Roaring Fork

Golden Slot

A Rift



Steady in Storms

Autumn Rain

Leaving the Nest

Sun’s Spotlight

Sego Lily

Gecko on Banana Flower

Warm and Cozy

Circle of Life

Standing Watch

Ode to “The Sentinel”

Tibble Fork

Grand Canyon Stars from Nankoweap

Milky Way Over Palouse Falls

Fire Wave Sunset

The Mane Event

In Bloom

The Chase

Autumn Shopping

Wolf (Canis lupus)

Otters in the Snow

A Quiet Place

Snow Geese Take Flight

White Egret Hunting

Horned Puffin

Wasatch Mountain State Paler


Snowy Egret


The Parting Storm

Kintla Lake

Path of Light

East Castle & Devil’s Castle

A Peaceful View

Craters of the Islands

End of Summer

Provo Bay