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Tanner Lecture Series


Tanner Lecture Series List

The following list contains recordings of guest presentations as part of the Tanner Lecture Series, exploring a range of topics related to the environment, biology, conservation, and the natural world.

Dr. Richard Gill

Thinking Locally about Global Change (11/8/2018)

Dr. Walter S. Judd

Plants of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth (3/29/2018)

Dr. Jack W. Sites Jr.

Snakes - The Evolution of Mystery in Nature (11/16/2017)

Dr. David Wagner

Barking up New Trees - Letting Immatures Have their Say (3/1/2017)

Dr. Eric Rickart

Mammals of the Philippines: an overview of their natural history and conservation (11/1/2015)

Dr. Steven C. Amstrup

Why Should We Care About Polar Bears? (3/1/2015)

Dr. Nalini Nadkarni

Weaving Science, the Arts, and Society to Care for the Tapestry of Nature! (11/1/2014)

Dr. Harry Greene

Natural history and aesthetics: why should we care about nature? (3/1/2014)

Dr. Bruce G. Baldwin

The importance of cryptic diversity for conservation and natural history (3/1/2013)

Dr. Craig Moritz

Using Museum Resources to Understand How Species Respond to Climate Change (3/1/2012)

Dr. Mark Belk

A Lifetime of Days: How Fishes Can Save Your Life (11/1/2011)

Dr. Jon Gelhaus

Developing Entomological Science While Chasing Bugs: 15 Years of Exploration in Mongolia (3/1/2011)

Dr. Shawn Clark

Here Today and Gone Tomorrow: Honey Bee Colony Collapse (11/1/2010)

Dr. Leigh Johnson

So You Think You Can Dance? The Tango of Honey Bee Pollination (11/1/2010)

Dr. Anne Yoder

The Past, Present, and Future of Madagascar's Biodiversity (3/1/2010)

Dr. Ian Baldwin

BYU's Lytle Preserve: a Natural Laboratory on the Cutting Edge of Biological Research (3/1/2009)

Jeffery Powell & Adalgisa Caccone

Giant Galapagos Tortoises (3/1/2008)

Dr. Bill Newmark

Designing nature reserves: Lessons from Western North America and East Africa (11/1/2007)

Pamela S. Soltis

The Origin of Species: Examples from the Plant Genus Tragopogon (Asteraceae) (3/1/2007)