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Michael Whiting - Curator of insects
Shawn Clark - Collections Manager
Richard Baumann - Emeritus Curator of insects
Stephen Wood - Emeritus Curator of insects


The insect and arachnid collection is comprised mainly of pinned specimens, but there are also major alcohol and slide collections. The collection serves as a library of insects and arachnids for western North America. It is a valuable historical collection and serves as an important voucher depository. BYUC is registered as the official acronym for the collection by the Entomological Collections Netword (ECN), a national organization.

Insects and Arachnids
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Specimens: 2,000,000+
Type specimens: 72
Major groups represented:

  • Coleoptera - 1,000,000
  • Diptera - 50,000
  • Aquatic orders
    • Plecoptera (40,000 - world's largest collection)
    • Trichoptera
    • Ephemeroptera
  • Siphonaptera - 25,000
  • Orthoptera - 25,000

Geographic representation: Worldwide coverage; emphasis on western North America


John  Bell - Curator of Crustaceans and Mollusks


Specimens: 6,500
Frozen tissues: 5000
Major groups represented:
Aeglidae - 300
Astacidae - 40
Cambaridae - 2,000
Parastacidae - 200

Geographic representation: Worldwide coverage