Education Programs
   Dr. Harry W. Green
"Natural history and aesthetics: why should we care about nature?"
March 2014

 Dr. Baldwin Video Thumbnail
"The importance of cryptic diversity for conservation and natural history"
March 2013
"Using Museum Resources to Understand How Species Respond to Climate Change"
March 2012
"A Lifetime of Days: How Fishes Can Save Your Life"
November 2011
"Developing Entomological Science While Chasing Bugs: 15 Years of Exploration in Mongolia"
March 2011

Tanner Lecture Videos 2011-2014
"Here Today and Gone Tomorrow: Honey Bee Colony Collapse."
November 2010
 Dr. Leigh Johnson
"So You Think You Can Dance? The Tango of Honey Bee Pollination."
November 2010
"The Past, Present, and Future of Madagascar's Biodiversity"
March 2010
"BYU's Lytle Preserve: a Natural Laboratory on the Cutting Edge of Biological Research"
March 2009
Tanner Lecture Videos 2009-2010
"Giant Galapagos Tortoises"
March 2008
"Designing nature reserves: Lessons from Western North America and East Africa"
November 2007
 Dr. Soltis
"The Origin of Species: Examples from the Plant Genus Tragopogon (Asterceae)"
March 2007
Tanner Lecture Videos 2007-2008
Lytle Videos