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Bio-boxes (Grades 6-12)

Because of short class periods, science classes in grades 6-12 may not be able to visit the Museum. With that in mind, the education staff of the Bean Life Science Museum has developed the "Bio-box" concept. Each Bio-box is designed around a specific biology theme from the state science core curriculum. The Bio-boxes allow us to bring the Museum’s unique and valuable resources to students unable to visit the Museum.

Each Bio-box contains mounted specimens from the museum’s education collection, as well as “biofacts.” Biofacts are biological artifacts, such as animal skin, feathers, eggs, antlers, bones, fruits, seeds, etc. Where applicable, the Bio-boxes will also include additional resources, such as field guides or DVDs. The final item in each box will be a teacher’s guide, which will give teachers an overview of the subject, a description of the Bio-box’s connection to specific core curriculum concepts, and ideas as to how the contents of the Bio-box can be incorporated into their lesson plans. The materials in each Bio-box can be used in a number of ways, whether as the topic of a single lesson or as supplemental material for an entire unit

Lessons and Activities

You can download the teacher's guides with lesson and activity ideas below.

Adaptations  Ecosystems

Checkout Procedures

  • Bio-boxes may be kept for up to two weeks

  • Use of a Bio-box is free, but you will be required to enter a valid credit card at the time of your request as a  security deposit. For each day the box is late, a $5.00 late fee is assessed; if any items from the box have been damaged or are missing your credit card will be charged.

  • Delivery service is now available for schools in Utah County for $35. Simply indicate that you would like this service when filling out the online request form. There will be an additional $20 distance fee for every 20 miles (beyond the first 20 miles).The credit card you provided at the time of your registration will be charged after the delivery has occurred.

Request a Bio-box

Before requesting a Bio-box be sure to check the corresponding calendar for availability. We do not consider requests more than 4 months in advance.

Adaptations Ecosystems